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Ironclad Resolve was born in 2020 with the desire to push back against the disgusting narrative that the United States of America is inherently evil.

We have a profound amount of respect for the men and women who put themselves on the line every day to make sure that we can live in a place that affords us the possibility to make something of our lives and live them well. We felt compelled to build something that would showcase appreciation, power, and combativeness against the status quo.

Through many conversations we asked ourselves, “How did we get here as a nation?”

Unfortunately, that was a question that was not difficult to answer. We watched as not only people in positions of power, but even everyday American citizens would use the most dastardly tactics to try and tear down our great country. These same people go on with their dealings and misconceptions living and prospering in the very freedom that countless men and women paid for with their lives. We watched as this new hate-filled movement of indoctrination plowed forward on to our children. Our eyes were open and sharp as we saw this outward attack on our freedoms.

Ironclad Resolve is the phrase we created to exemplify what it takes to get things done in all aspects of life. It’s the core root of our soldiers. It is at the center of our history. To have resolve that is ironclad is the very foundation of building yourself, and our great nation. This brand is for the people who appreciate the land in which we live. This brand is built to pay homage and give back to the brave men and women who serve our great country. This brand is meant to help raise awareness about, and fight against the many evils that face millions of innocent children.

Our goal is to make Ironclad Resolve a powerhouse that not only gives people the ability to outwardly and proudly represent their beliefs, but also showcase that to others while rallying them to the cause. Ironclad Resolve makes real, tangible contributions to our military men and women, and organizations throughout the country working tirelessly to protect and save children throughout the world. We are forever indebted to those who serve.

It is not enough to exist, you must have purpose. That is what we are compelled to do. To live our lives well, in honor and respect for this great land whose freedom was paid for in blood. We strive every day to be worthy of that sacrifice. We want to give something back. We want to be citizens worth fighting for.

Forward is the way.

Joe Karsznia & Dave Ragona
Proud Americans, Co-Founders



We're proud to partner with organizations throughout the country that are making positive impacts on the lives of our brave soldiers, and helping children who have been trafficked or exploited. Our commitment to help veterans & protect children is the driving force behind all that we do.


Every single time you buy an Ironclad Resolve t-shirt, you can rest assured that it was printed right here in America, by a company that shares your values, all while supporting a business owner that served proudly in the United States Army.

Eddy of Gator Studios is an Army veteran who served as an E4 specialist and was a lead mechanic with the 1544th Transportation Unit. Eddy also worked as Catastrophic Vehicle Recovery (Hotel 8) with the Ordinance Corp at Fort Jackson, SC. He's become a great friend, and an incredible partner of Ironclad Resolve.